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Slow Food is a non-profit, eco-gastronomic member-supported organization that was founded in 1989 to counteract fast food and fast life, the disappearance of local food traditions and people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from, how it tastes and how our food choices affect the rest of the world.

To do that, Slow Food brings together pleasure and responsibility, and makes them inseparable.

Our convivia, or local chapters, spread the Slow Food philosophy far and wide and make it real. According to it’s inclination and imagination, each convivium organizes a number of events ranging from simple dinners and tastings, where our members come together to share the everyday joys of food, to visits to local producers and farms, conferences and discussions, film festivals, taste education courses for children and adults, promoting CSA’s and Earth Markets, and many other events and projects to get to know local foods and producers and to educate others about them. They create networks among all those who are interested in a gastronomy in which eating is an agricultural act and producing a gastronomical act. 

Convivia are the backbone of Slow Food and they are made possible only through the tireless work of our members, who volunteer their time and energy. Today, we have over 100,000 members involved in over 1,000 convivia in 150 countries.  

In 9 countries - Italy, USA, Germany, Switzerland, UK, The Netherlands, Australia, Japan and France - the number of members and convivia allowed the creation of National Associations, that run national events and campaigns.

Interested in opening a convivium? Click here to find out more.
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