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The Network

As Earth Markets are created around the world, a network is developing through which experiences and resources can be shared, transmitting stories and experiences to learn from each other and demonstrating Slow Food principles in action – a network which operates from the local to the international level. 

By creating a group of linked and united producers’ markets – of varied cultural, geographical, rural or urban, or social contexts – we build support for the common Slow Food principles that they share and are guided by. At the same time, the diversity and unique character of each market is respected.

Individuals involved in each market communicate with each other through a forum on this website and at periodical international meetings for training and exchange. 

Finally, each Earth Market is a network itself: a network of institutions, associations, citizens, restaurant operators and producers who collaborate in setting up and running the market. The market’s objectives expand to include the creation of purchasing groups and the involvement of local catering and school canteen operators.

Markets that are part of a connected and active group are stronger and more likely to be able to make a lasting contribution to the life of their communities. 

  The Network The Network The Network  
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